May 26, 2018

Block-sorting file compressor

Use of bzip2, which is intended to replace bzip, is recommended. The algorithms used in bzip2 are different and incompatible with those used in bzip. To open .bz archives, you must use bzip, and to open .bz2 archives you must use bzip2. Although bzip2 sometimes yields slightly larger output, it is faster, more reliable, maintained, much more widely used and is believed to be patent-free.

Julian Seward, the author of bzip, gives this warning

This program may or may not infringe certain US patents
pertaining to arithmetic coding and to the block-sorting
transformation itself.  Opinions differ as to the precise
legal status of some of the algorithms used.  Nevertheless,
you should be aware that commercial use of this program
could render you liable to unfriendly legal action.

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