May 26, 2018

Portable speedy, lossless data compression library

LZO is a data compression library which is suitable for data de-/compression in real-time. This means it favours speed over compression ratio.

LZO implements a number of algorithms with the following features

  • Decompression is simple and very fast.
  • Requires no memory for decompression.
  • Compression is pretty fast.
  • Requires 64 kB of memory for compression.
  • Allows you to dial up extra compression at a speed cost in the compressor. The speed of the decompressor is not reduced.
  • Includes compression levels for generating pre-compressed data which achieve a quite competitive compression ratio.
  • There is also a compression level which needs only 8 kB for compression.
  • Algorithm is thread safe.
  • Algorithm is lossless.

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