May 26, 2018

Pack, send, and unpack shell archives; synchronize via e-mail

This is the set of GNU shar utilities. This port installs them with the letter ā€œgā€ prepended to their names, to avoid conflict with the FreeBSD base system. The uudecode and uuencode commands are omitted BSD versions are present in the base system. The shar utilities deal with shar files, so-called shell archives, which are scripts suitable for transmission by e-mail or Usenet.

When a shar file is executed, the files it contains are unpacked without the need for any software other than the shell itself and sed. Because they are scripts, shell archives from strangers should be read before executing them, to check for harmful commands.

synopses from the info pages

* gmail-files  Send files to remote site.
* gmailshar    Make and send a shell archive.
* gremsync     Synchronize remote directory trees using e-mail.
* gshar        Make a shell archive.
* gunshar      Explode a shell archive.

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