May 26, 2018

Transparently work in waveband, wavelength, or filter

Class to transparently deal with the conversion between filters, wavelength, frequency and other methods of specifying a location in the electro-magentic spectrum.

AstroWaveBand tries to determine the natural form of the numbers such that a request for a summary of the object when it contains 2.2 microns would return the filter name but would return the wavelength if it was not a standard filter. In ambiguous cases an instrument name is required to decide what to return. In really ambiguous cases the user can specify the unit in which to display the numbers on stringification.

Used mainly as a way of storing a single number in a database table but using logic to determine the number that an observer is most likely to understand.

Numerical comparison operators can be used to compare two AstroWaveBand objects. When checking equality, the “natural” and “instrument” methods are used, so if two AstroWaveBand objects return the same value from those methods, they are considered to be equal. When checking other comparisons such as greater than, the wavelength is used.

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