May 26, 2018

Shows which portion of the Earth’s surface is illuminated by the Sun

Sunclock is an X11 application that displays a map of the Earth and shows the illuminated portion of the globe. In addition to providing local time for the default timezone, it also displays GMT time, legal and solar time of major cities, their latitude and longitude, the mutual distances of arbitrary locations on Earth, the position at zenith of Sun and Moon. Sunclock can display meridians, parallels, tropics and arctic circles. It has builtin functions that accelerate the speed of time and show the evolution of seasons. Sunclock can be internationalized for various western languages. It is possible to customize the app-default file and enter additional city entries.

Sunclock can commute between two states, the “clock window” and the “map window”. The clock window displays a small map of the Earth and therefore occupies little space on the screen, while the “map window” displays a large map and offers more advanced functions. The Sunclock package includes a resizable and zoomable vector map. External Earth maps can also be loaded.

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