May 26, 2018

Convert abc music files to MIDI and PostScript

abcMIDI is James Allwright’s collection of abc <-> MIDI conversion utilities, plus YAPS to convert abc files to PostScript for printing music scores.

midi2abc - program to convert MIDI format files to abc notation. abc2midi - converts abc file to MIDI files. abc2abc - a simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer. mftext - gives a verbose description of what is in a MIDI file. yaps - an abc to PostScript converter.

Also includes abcguide.txt - how to write abc files for these programs - a collection of sample abc tunes Check $PREFIX/share/doc/abcmidi/ for these and other docs.

The abc format is plain text, but you might optionally install a MIDI player timidity and a PostScript viewer gv with ghostscript.

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