May 26, 2018

Audio file conversion utilities and library

Audio file utility programs and a library of routines for audio files. Audio File Utility Programs InfoAudio - display information about an audio file. CompAudio - compare audio files, producing statistics and signal-to-noise ratio figures. CopyAudio - copy audio files. This program combines samples from input audio files an arbitrary linear combination and writes them to the output file in a user selectable format. One application is to provide format conversion for an audio file; another is to combine samples from multi-channel files. ResampAudio - resample data from an audio file. This process involves interpolating between the samples in the original file to create a new sequence of samples with a new spacing sampling rate. and FiltAudio, GenNoise, GenTone, LPanal, LPsyn The following file formats are supported for reading.

  • Headerless, AU, WAVE, AIFF/AIFF-C, NIST SPHERE, IRCAM, INRS-Telecom, ESPS, Comdisco SPW, Text audio The following file formats are supported for writing.
  • Headerless, AU, WAVE, AIFF-C