May 26, 2018

Frontend to rip, convert, and name MP3/Ogg

dekagen is a front-end to several tools for the ripping, converting, and naming of MP3 and Ogg-Vorbis files. It automates the whole process of ripping data from music compact discs CD, the naming of the files, their converting into MP3 or Ogg-Vorbis format and the labelling of the MP3 files with an ID3 tag. dekagen uses dialog for a user interface that is intended to be “intuitive”.

Music data is read from CDs using cdda2wav, cdparanoia, dagrab, or tosha, and stored on your hard disk in wav-format. Note that this will have an excessive need of disk space. After this, the wav-data is converted into MP3 format using 8hz-mp3, bladeenc, l3enc, lame, mp3enc, or notlame, or into Ogg-Vorbis format using oggenc. This will take a while. To avoid manual naming and tagging for all the files, cda is used for CDDB lookups. To label the MP3 files with ID3 tags, id3ed, id3tag, id3tool, or mp3info, or the built-in capabilities of some encoders lame, notlame are used. Ogg-Vorbis files can be labelled with oggenc.

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