May 26, 2018

OSC injection/ejection from/to UDP/TCP/Serial for LV2

LV2 plugin bundle from OpenMusicKontrollers

  • DeCloak Embed OSC in MIDI Sysex messages. Use this to smuggle arbitrary OSC packets via MIDI to a given destination.
  • Control This is an OSC learn plugin. It translates OSC messages directly to LV2 Control ports and features automatic range detection.
  • Disk Record/Playback of OSC to/from disk. Record all incoming OSC message with sample accuracy and play them back later from disk.
  • IO A plugin able to inject/eject OSC packets into/from the plugin graph to/from network and serial lines.
  • Ninja Embed Turtle RDF in OSC as string. Use this to smuggle arbitrary LV2 atom messages via OSC to a given destination.
  • UnPack Embed arbitrary 1-3 byte MIDI commands but Sysex in OSC messages. Use this to send MIDI commands via OSC to a given destination.
  • Query This plugin implements our OSC Introspect specification. It thus exports any methods and parameters of a given OSC device transparently to LV2 properties.

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