May 26, 2018

GKrellM plugin with a VU meter showing left/right channel audio

GKrellMSS displays a VU meter showing left and right channel audio levels and also has a chart that shows combined left and right audio channels as an oscilloscope trace.

There are two buttons to the left of the VU Meter which select an oscope horizontal sweep speed ranging from 100 microseconds usec per division to 50 milliseconds msec per division. There are 5 horizontal divisions, so a trace sweep time can range from 500 usec 1/2000 sec to 250 msec 1/4 sec. The oscope trace is triggered by a positive zero crossing of audio signal to give nice stable displays.

There is also a sensitivity level adjustment for the VU Meter and oscope chart. Use the mouse wheel to adjust, or left click and drag sensitivity krell.

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