May 26, 2018

Read and write AIFF files

LibAiff is a library for C applications, providing transparent read and write operations for Audio Interchange File Format files.

With LibAiff your application can easily use the Audio IFF format to interchange digital audio.

LibAiff wants to implement all the features of the AIFF 1.3 standard, including markers, comments, etc.

This version of LibAiff supports the following features

* Reading any valid Audio IFF file.
* Writing a valid Audio IFF file.
* Reading a compressed AIFF Compressed AIFC file with audio encoded
  in Linear PCM, both big-endian and little-endian.
* Read & write samples in all formats supported by the Audio IFF standard.
* Convert any sample format to and from 32 bits.
* Getting and setting all the AIFF Attributes.
* Reading and writing markers to positions on the sound.
* Reading instrument data from AIFF files.

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