May 26, 2018

MPEG audio player/decoder decoding layer I and II MPEG audio streams

The audio part of the MPEG standard specifies three layers, whereat each layer specifies its own file format. All three layers are using similar audio coding techniques, but they vary in efficiency and complexity. Layer I needs the fewest calculation time for en-/decoding a stream, layer III the most. But a layer I MPEG audio stream is bigger than a layer III stream at the same quality. This program is able to decode and play only layer I and II streams, layer III is not supported yet?!?.

The maplay decodes layer I and layer II MPEG audio streams and plays them using a CD-quality audio device or sends the to stdout normally as 16 bit signed PCM values, interleaved for stereo streams.

This player supports all modes, which are single channel, stereo, joint stereo and dual channel, and all bitrates except free mode. The missing free mode support should not be a problem for now, because I haven’t seen such a stream yet.

LICENSE GPL2 or later