May 26, 2018

MPEG Layer II audio decoder with multi-channel support

A multi-channel MPEG encoder, using the ISO13818 standard and the dist10 source code. Multi-channel files may have up to 6 defined channels LeftL, RightR, CenterC, Left Surround LS, Right Surround RS and a Low Frequency Enhancement channel LFE.

ISO13818 defines 5 multi-channel modes on top of the normal stereo mode, each of these modes may have an optional LFE channel

3/2 L, R, C, LS, RS
3/1 L, R, C, mono surround
2/2 L, R, LS, RS
2/1 L, R, mono surround
3/0 L, R, C

The “standard” surround sound encoding of “5.1 channels” is achieved by using mode 3/2 plus an LFE channel.

A multi-channel MPEG file should decode OK on any MPEG decoder. If the decoder doesn’t recognize the multi-channel extensions, then you’ll just get a stereo file containing a down mix of the 5 channels.

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