May 26, 2018

LV2 plugin bundle from Open Music Kontrollers

Several LV2 plugin bundled together

  • Beatbox Creates MIDI events based on LV2 time position events, e.g. to drive a drum machine. Bars and beats can be disabled/enabled separately.
  • Cargoship Record/Playback of arbitrary LV2 atoms to/from disk. Record all incoming atom messages with sample accuracy and play them back later from disk. Stored atom event data is part of the plugin state and is preserved across instantiations.
  • Click Synthesizes click tracks based on LV2 time position events bars and beats. Bars and beats can be disabled/enabled separately.
  • Looper Loops arbitrary LV2 atom events on a ping-pong buffer. E.g. loops MIDI, OSC or anything else that can be packed into LV2 atoms with sample accuracy. Needs to be driven by LV2 time position events.
  • Pacemaker Creates LV2 time position events from scratch to drive other plugins.
  • Quantum Quantizes incoming events to whole beats.
  • Subspace Subdivide or multiply incoming time signals by whole fractions, e.g. to speed up time x2, x3, … or slow it down to x1/2, x1/3, …

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