May 26, 2018

Cython wrapper class for reading/writing soundfiles using libsndfile

pysndfile is a python package providing PySndfile, a Cython wrapper class around libsndfile. PySndfile provides methods for reading and writing a large variety of soundfile formats on a variety of plattforms. PySndfile provides a rather complete access to the different sound file manipulation options that are available in libsndfile.

Due to the use of libsndfile nearly all sound file formats, besides mp3 and derived formats can be read and written with PySndfile.

The interface has been designed such that a rather large subset of the functionality of libsndfile can be used, notably the reading and writing of strings into soundfile formats that support these, and a number of sf_commands that allow to control the way libsndfile reads and writes the samples. One of the most important ones is the use of the clipping command.

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