May 26, 2018

Command line audio CD ripper

RipIT is used to create MPEG-1 Layer 3 mp3 using Lame, or uses Flac flac, Ogg Vorbis ogg or Faac m4a to convert audio files wav extracted from an audio CD. It is a console based front-end no GUI here, written in Perl, for various programs.

The program will do the following without user intervention

  • getting the audio CD Album/Artist/Tracks information from CDDB
  • ripping the audio CD Tracks
  • encoding to Flac, mp3 or Ogg
  • id3 tags encoded songs
  • creating an playlist m3u file
  • optionally generating a toc cue sheet for nice DAO burning
  • optionally preparing and send a CDDB submission and save it locally
  • optionally extracting hidden songs and split ghost songs
  • optionally creating md5sum files for all tracks
  • running several encoder processes at the same time and same run

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