May 26, 2018

Utility for tagging groups of audio files using CDDB

Tags groups of audio files using CDDB.

TagLookup is a utility for tagging MP3s and other taggable audio file formats. It inspects a set of audio files and uses their lengths to look up an appropriate disc from a CDDB-compatible service. TagLookup can be used in two modes

  • ID – Given a CDDB ID and a number of files, look up the details of the CDDB disc from a CDDB service. Tag files using the CDDB disc. Match each file with each CDDB track using the closest track length.
  • Sequence – Given a number of files, generate a CDDB ID and query a CDDB service. CDDB IDs are generated based on the sequence of tracks. Choose the closest matching CDDB disc to tag the files.

As well as this, taglookup can

  • Rename – Rename files based on their tags.

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