May 26, 2018

Console module player

UModPlayer or Universal Module Player is a audio module “tool-chain”, providing you functions to work with modules like playing, exporting, getting information, and more.

* You can play the supported formats and seek to any order in the
  song. You have pause, timer, display, and other standard features.
* You can view the pattern notes while playing.
* Playlist support you can create playlists, delete or move
  individual items in a playlist, import a playlist from the current
  directory contents, save a playlist and load a saved playlist...
* You can specify any of the ModPlug options noise reduction,
  megabass, surround, reverb sound options specifying the grade and
  the delay of most of the options.
* You can export the audio data of a module to any of the supported
* You can read and export to a file the song builtin message, the
  song instrument names and the song sample names.
* Each user of your UNIX box can save all the sound options.
* And much more!

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