May 26, 2018

Efficient phylogenomic software by maximum likelihood

IQ-TREE is efficient and versatile phylogenomic software, created as the successor of IQPNNI and TREE-PUZZLE thus the name IQ-TREE. Development was motivated by the rapid accumulation of phylogenomic data, leading to a need for efficient phylogenomic software that can handle a large amount of data and provide more complex models of sequence evolution. To this end, IQ-TREE can utilize multicore computers and distributed parallel computing to speed up the analysis. IQ-TREE automatically performs checkpointing to resume an interrupted analysis.

As input IQ-TREE accepts all common sequence alignment formats including PHYLIP, FASTA, Nexus, Clustal and MSF. As output IQ-TREE will write a self-readable report file name suffix .iqtree, a NEWICK tree file .treefile which can be visualized by tree viewer programs such as FigTree, Dendroscope or iTOL.

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