May 26, 2018

Constructs linkage maps of markers segregating in experimental crosses

MAPMAKER/EXP is a linkage analysis package designed to help construct primary linkage maps of markers segregating in experimental crosses. MAPMAKER/EXP performs full multipoint linkage analysis simultaneous estimation of all recombination fractions from the primary data for dominant, recessive, and co- dominant e.g. RFLP-like markers. MAPMAKER/EXP is an experimental-cross-only successor to the original MAPMAKER program.

MAPMAKER/QTL is a companion program to MAPMAKER/EXP which allows one to map genes controlling polygenic quantitative traits in F2 intercrosses and BC1 backcrosses relative to a genetic linkage map. More information on MAPMAKER/QTL can be found in the technical report included with MAPMAKER/QTL.

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