May 26, 2018


Description Using /usr/bin/telnet in “8-bit environment”, for example, BIG5- encoding Chinese characters environment in Taiwan, is somewhat in-convenient. To be able to input Chinese characters, “-8 or -L” options are needed, however, using these options cause another problem. Specifying “-8 or -L” makes ^U or ^C or ^D or … any isprintc malfunction when telnet to SunOS.

How-To-Repeat /usr/bin/telnet -8 running Solaris login abcde^U or just press Enter => the terminal state goes wrong, “reset” is needed to go back to “normal state”

Fix Apply the following patch gopher//

This make telnet “8-bit clean”, being able to input 8-bit data Chinese characters without specifying “-8 or -L” options, and telnet to SunOS without trouble.

See also WWW http//