May 26, 2018

Digital decoder for psk, cw, psk31, olivia

Digital modem program. Supports the following digital modes

CW, DominoEX 4 DominoEX 5 DominoEX 8 DominoEX 11 DominoEX 16 DominoEX 22, Feld-Hell FSK-Hell FSK-Hell 105, MFSK-8 MFSK-16 MFSK-16 pix , PSK-31 QPSK-31 PSK-63 QPSK-63 PSK-125 QPSK-125, OLIVIA / Contestia various tones and bandwidth, RTTY various Baud Rates, Shifts, Nbr of data bits, etc., Throb-1 Throb-2 Throb-4 ThrobX-1 ThrobX-2 ThrobX-4, WWV Receive only - calibrate your sound card to WWV and Freq Analysis Receive only - be ready for the next ARRL FMT freq meas test.

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