May 26, 2018

SDR tools for RTL2832-based USB sticks

SDR-J formerly Jsdr is a suite of four programs provided under a LGPL open source license for playing around with sdr software defined radio. The software can be used directly with the PM-SDR kit and RTL2832U based dongles, and in the 32 bits Windows version with other kits as well.

The suite contains four programs

  • a full blown “short wave” receiver, which provides tuning in the range of 100K .. 165M using the PM-SDR although above 55 M with reduced performance and from app 55 MHz to app 900 Mhz or above using an RTL2832U based dongle. The receiver provides quite a number of decoders for amateur modes.
  • am/fm receiver covering the same frequency bands as the sw receiver, however, with am bandwidths selectable, with fm mono and stereo decoding as well as with rds decoding.
  • spectrum viewer for use with the RTL2832U based dongles, showing spectra of up to 3 Mhz bandwidth.
  • mini receiver, a stripped version of the fm receiver, a gadget for listening to WFM using DAB sticks.

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