May 26, 2018

Used to calculate antenna patterns useful to ham radio

nec2c is a translation of the NEC2 FORTRAN source code to the C language. The translation was performed mostly “by hand” and a lot of modifications to the original program were introduced in order to modernize the NEC2 and to remove as many built-in limitations as possible. The attendant SOMNEC program was also translated to C and incorporated in nec2c as a function so that Sommerfeld ground solutions are a part of the program.

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Numerical Electromagnetics Code NEC2 developed at Lawrence Livermore lab., Livermore, CA. contact G. Burke at 415-422-8414 for problems with the NEC code. For problems with the vax implem- entation, contact J. Breakall at 415-422-8196 or E. Domning at 415 422-5936 file created 4/11/80.

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Neoklis Kyriazis 5B4AZ Limassol, Cyprus,

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