May 26, 2018

Communications package for the X Window system

Seyon is a complete full-featured telecommunications package for the X Window System. Its features include

- Dialing directory that supports an unlimited number of entries.
- Terminal emulation window using any terminal emulation program
  that supports X. This defaults to xterm.
- Script language to automate tedious tasks such as logging into
  remote hosts.
- Unlimited number of slots for external file transfer protocols.
- Support for zmodem auto-download.
- Translation modes. Seyon can perform useful translations on the
  user's input.
- Interactive setting of program parameters.
- On-line help.
- Modem speeds up to 115200 bps.
- Software XON/XOFF and hardware RTS/CTS flow control.
- Session capture to a file.
- Temporary running of a local shell in the terminal emulation window.

Seyon is intended to be both simple and extensively configurable. Almost every aspect of Seyon can be configured via the resources to suit the user’s taste.