May 26, 2018

Driver for “homebrew” serial LIRC receivers

This is a driver for “homebrew” type serial LIRC reveivers as described here


It overrides the `normal’ uart4 driver, if you have that driver already loaded or statically in your kernel like it is in GENERIC then you need to load uartlirc.ko from loader.conf5 or manually via the loader prompt for the override to work. The driver provides a /dev/lircX node for each serial port in addition to the normal tty nodes /dev/cuauX etc, so you can still use other serial ports normally should you have more than one.

Note it only supports PCI/motherboard serial ports not ones connected via USB, for USB you can use mceusb hardware supported via webcamd, or FTDI hardware supported by comms/lirc natively via libftdi, see


and the comms/lirc port’s pkg-message.

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