May 26, 2018

Thick database bindings for Ada

Thick database bindings for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite written in Ada.

This is the third release of AdaBase, an abstraction library that provides a consistent interface to multiple database servers. Currently three drivers are provided, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It’s extensible, so support for other databases such as Firebird, Oracle and MSSQL would be easily possible.

AdaBase offers unique features over similar frameworks. For starters, it’s limited to database support rather than including many other unwanted components in a “kitchen sink” fashion, and unneeded drivers can be excluded from the library as desired. It’s got a developer and commerce friend license ICS, it comes with good documentation and working examples, and the bindings are thick enough where database server backends can be interchangeable.

AdaBase may seem familiar to some users as it was partially inspired by PHP’s PDO database framework and is a sequel of sorts to an earlier project by the same author, Pascal Data Objects.

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