May 26, 2018

Object-Relational Database Management System

GigaBASE Object-Relational Database Management System

GigaBASE inherits most of the features of FastDB, but uses page pool instead of direct mapping of file on virtual memory. So GigaBASE is able to handle database, which size significantly exceeds size of computer physical memory. Convenient and flexible C++ interface makes development of application for GigaBASE very easy and automatic scheme evaluation simplifies maintenance and modification of the system. GigaBASE merges best features of relational simple data structure and non-procedural query language and object-oriented direct object references, user defined types and methods databases. GigaBASE is primary oriented on application requiring fast data retrieving by means of indices and direct object references, such as Web Server databases applications.

SUBSQL utility can be used for database browsing and inspection, performing online backups, database recovery, importing data to and exporting data from database. GigaBASE will perform automatic recovery after system or application crash, you should not worry about it. The only thing you can have to do manually is stopping all database application if one of them is crashed leaving database blocked.

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