May 26, 2018

SQL*PLUS with commandline editing, history, and name completion

gqlplus is a drop-in replacement for sqlplus, an Oracle SQL client, for UNIX platforms. The difference between gqlplus and sqlplus is command-line editing and history, plus tablename completion. As you know if you have used sqlplus, it is notoriously difficult to correct typing errors and other mistakes in your SQL statements. sqlplus does give you ability to use external editor to edit a statement, but only the last statement you typed. gqlplus solves this problem by providing the familiar command-line editing and history as in tcsh or bash shells, and tablename completion, while otherwise retaining compatibility with sqlplus. Thus, no user training is needed - simply use gqlplus instead of sqlplus. In addition, configuration/installation is trivial gqlplus is a single binary compiled executable written in C, so all you need is download it and put it anywhere in your PATH. After that, you’ll be ready to use it.

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