May 26, 2018

Pure Java alternative to RRDTool

JRobin is a 100 pure java implementation of RRDTool’s functionality. It follows the same logic and uses the same data sources, archive types and definitions as RRDTool does. JRobin supports all standard operations on Round Robin Database RRD files CREATE, UPDATE, FETCH, LAST, DUMP, XPORT and GRAPH. JRobin’s API is made for those who are familiar with RRDTool’s concepts and logic, but prefer to work with pure java. If you provide the same data to RRDTool and JRobin, you will get exactly the same results and graphs. JRobin is made from the scratch and it uses very limited portions of RRDTool’s original source code. JRobin does not use native functions and libraries, has no Runtime.exec calls and does not require RRDTool to be present. JRobin is distributed as a software library jar files and comes with full java source code LGPL licence.

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