May 26, 2018

Setup test environments; parse, filter and visualize MongoDB log files

Mtools is a collection of helper scripts to parse and filter MongoDB log files mongod, mongos, visualize log files and quickly set up complex MongoDB test environments on a local machine

  • mlogfilter * slices log files by time, merges log files, filters slow queries, finds table scans, shortens log lines, filters by other atributes, convert to JSON;

  • mloginfo * returns info about log file, like start and end time, version, binary, special sections like restarts, connections, distinct view;

  • mplotqueries * visualize logfiles with different types of plots;

  • mlogvis * creates a self-contained html file that shows an interactive visualization in a web browser as an alternative to mplotqueries;

  • mlaunch * a script to quickly spin up local test environments, including replica sets and sharded systems;

  • mgenerate * generates structured pseudo-random data based on a template for testing and reproduction.

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