May 26, 2018

DBI access to XML, CSV, and other formats

The DBDAnyData module provides a DBI/SQL interface to data in many formats and from many sources.

Regardless of the format or source of the data, it may be accessed and/or modified using all standard DBI methods and a subset of SQL syntax.

In addition to standard database access to files, the module also supports in-memory tables which allow you to create temporary views; to combine data from a number of sources; to quickly prototype database systems; and to display or save the data in any of the supported formats e.g. to display data in a CSV file as an HTML table. These in-memory tables can be created from any combination of DBI databases or files of any format. They may also be created from perl data structures which means it’s possible to quickly prototype a database system without any file access or rdbms backend.

The module also supports converting files between any of the supported formats e.g. save selected data from MySQL or Oracle to an XML file.

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