May 26, 2018

Dynamic definition of a DBIx::Class::Schema

DBIxClassSchemaLoader automates the definition of a DBIxClassSchema by scanning database table definitions and setting up the columns, primary keys, and relationships.

DBIxClassSchemaLoader currently supports only the DBI storage type. It has explicit support for DBDPg, DBDmysql, DBDDB2, and DBDSQLite. Other DBI drivers may function to a greater or lesser degree with this loader, depending on how much of the DBI spec they implement, and how standard their implementation is. Patches to make other DBDs work correctly welcome.

See DBIxClassSchemaLoaderDBIWriting for notes on writing your own vendor-specific subclass for an unsupported DBD driver.

This module requires DBIxClass 0.06 or later, and obsoletes the older DBIxClassLoader.

This module is designed more to get you up and running quickly against an existing database, or to be effective for simple situations, rather than to be what you use in the long term for a complex database/project.

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