May 26, 2018

Import CSV data and Large Object to PostgreSQL

pgloader imports data from a flat file and inserts it into one or more PostgreSQL database tables. It uses a flat file per database table, and you can configure as many Sections as you want, each one associating a table name and a data file.

Data are parsed and rewritten, then given to PostgreSQL COPY command. Parsing is necessary for dealing with end of lines and eventual trailing separator characters, and for column reordering your flat data file may not have the same column order as the database table has.

pgloader is also able to load some large objects data into PostgreSQL, as of now only Informix UNLOAD data files are supported. This command gives large objects data location information into the main data file. pgloader parse it add the text or bytea content properly escaped to the COPY data.

pgloader issues some timing statistics every “commit_every” commits. At the end of processing each section, a summary of overall operations, numbers of rows copied and commits, time it took in seconds, errors logged and database errors is issued.

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