May 26, 2018

Lightweight RDF database

R.V. Guha’s rdfDB. Intended to be a simple, scalable, open-source database for RDF. Written in C and based on top of the Sleepycat Berkeley Database, it supports interrogation via TCP/IP sockets, meaning integration is possible with any programming language.

rdfDB uses a high level SQLish query language. The data is modelled as a directed labelled graph RDF.

The goals of this project are to build a database that is capable of

  1. Supporting a graph oriented API via a textual query language ala SQL.
  2. Load/Reload an RDF file from a url into the database
  3. Scalable to millions of nodes and triples.
  4. Provide support for RDF Schemas.
  5. Provide support for some basic forms of inferencing.
  6. Provide both C and Perl access to the database.
  7. The Perl philosophy applies Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.

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