May 26, 2018

Perform consistency checks on DNS zones

ZoneCheck is intended to help solving misconfigurations or inconsistencies of DNS zone files. Features

  • Powerful XML based configuration file allowing changes in test severity, order, zone of application, …
  • Does not depend on policies
  • Fine grained test selection by test, by categories, by zones
  • Full IPv6 support connectivity and AAAA records
  • Supports several input/output interfaces such as CLI, CGI
  • Dedicated mode for use inside shell scripts
  • Batch mode available ideal when dealing with several domains
  • Use of stylesheets for easy integration and javascript for enhancement only
  • Generates reports either by severity or by hosts
  • I18N and L10N support available French, English
  • Multi-threaded application in order to cut down checking time
  • Extensible new tests, new interfaces, new reports, …
  • Exception and cache mechanisms to simplify test writting

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