May 26, 2018

IDE for the D programming language

Coedit is an IDE for the D programming language, its compilers, tools and

  • available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.
  • supports all the D compilers DMD-GDC-LDC.
  • supports the DUB projects JSON + SDL and also Coedit own project format.
  • support the DUB scripts aka single file packages and Coedit own script format aka runnable modules.
  • full D Completion Daemon integration completion, ddoc display, call tips, jump to declaration, rename identifier.
  • Dynamic D-Scanner linting with results displayed in the editor gutter.
  • single click to compile and to unittest a module.
  • advanced editor with D2 syntax highlighter, folds, regions, identifier markup, macros, sync-edit, etc.
  • edition helpers comment blocks, local identifier renaming, brace auto-closing, ddoc templates, etc.
  • Explorable list of symbols of the current module.
  • static libraries manager that supports auto-registration from local DUB projects, from online DUB packages or from Coedit custom project format.
  • todo list based on the todo comments located in a project or in the current source.
  • user-defined tools powered by a string interpolation system.
  • mini file browser, dfmt interface, search & replace and more

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