May 26, 2018

D language IDE based on DlangUI

Cross platform D language IDE written using DlangUI library.

  • Uses DUB dub.json or dub.sdl project format
  • Shows tree with project source files
  • Can open and edit source files from project or file system in multi-tab editor
  • Build and run project with DUB
  • Build log highlight and navigation to place of error or warning by clicking on log line contributed by Extrawurst
  • DUB dependencies update
  • DUB package configuration selection contributed by NCrashed
  • Dependency projects are shown in workspace tree
  • New project wizard
  • Toolchain settings for DMD, LDC, GDC
  • Project specific settings
  • Basic debugger support using GDB work in progress
  • D language source code, json, dml syntax highlight
  • Indent / unindent text with Tab and Shift+Tab or Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]
  • Toggle line or block comments by Ctrl+/ and Ctrl+Shift+/
  • D source code autocompletion by Ctrl+Space or Ctrl+Shift+G using DCD
  • D source code Go To Definition by Ctrl+G or F12 using DCD
  • D source Doc comments display on mouse hover using DCD
  • D source code Smart Indents
  • Select word by mouse double click

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