May 26, 2018

Advanced outline editor for programmers

  • Leo is a programmer’s editor and a flexible browser for projects, programs, classes or data. Leo clarifies design, coding, debugging, testing and maintenance.
  • Leo is an outlining editor. Outlines clarify the big picture while providing unlimited space for details.
  • Leo is a literate programming tool, compatible with noweb and CWEB. Leo enhances any text-based programming language, from assembly language and C to Java, Python and XML.
  • Leo is also a data organizer. A single Leo outline can generate complex data spanning many different files. Leo has been used to manage web sites.
  • Leo is a project manager. Leo provides multiple views of a project within a single outline. Leo naturally represents tasks that remain up-to-date.
  • Leo is fully scriptable using Python and saves its files in XML format.
  • Leo is portable. is 100 pure Python and will run on any platform supporting Python and PyQt, including Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  • Leo is Open Software, distributed under the Python License.

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