May 26, 2018

Gettext catalogs (.po files) editor

Poedit is cross-platform gettext catalogs .po files editor. It is built with wxWidgets toolkit and can run on any platform supported by it although it was tested only on Unix with GTK+ and Windows. It aims to provide more convenient approach to editing catalogs than launching vi and editing the file by hand.

Here is a brief features list

  • User friendly way of editing entries. You can easily navigate in large catalogs, easily enter or modify entries fuzzy flag is automatically removed if you change translation, you can copy original string to translation by pressing Alt-I
  • Whitespaces highlighting
  • Fuzzy and untranslated records highlighting. Furthermore, untranslated and fuzzy translations are displayed at the top of the list
  • Automatic compilation of .mo files optional
  • Automatic headers update
  • References browser lets you see where in what context the string is used
  • You can use Poedit to scan source code for translatable strings
  • Integration with KDE and GNOME desktops

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