May 26, 2018

Fly a little plane around and shoot things and drop bombs

Despite the name, it has nothing to do with apricots. It’s a game where you fly a little plane around the screen and shoot things and drop bombs on enemy targets, and it’s meant to be quick and fun.

There can be up to 6 planes, at most two human-controlled. All others will be computer-controlled. Network support is in to do list.

You must shoot at another’s planes, destroy others’ base and try to keep alive. You may return to your base to refill your ammo. The scenery is randomly generated.

Currently the game has no menus. You run it, play it, and it exits at end. To fix this is also in to do list.

Please take a look at apricots.cfg file. You will found some good options there. currently this is the only way of changing game options

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