May 26, 2018

Modern version of the arcade classic Asteroid

Asteroid just one! is a modern version of the arcade classic Asteroids, using OpenGL, GLUT, and optionally GTK and SDL_mixer. It features a variety of powerups, taunting aliens, 3D textured asteroids, face-melting sound effects, and infinite playability.


Use the left and right arrows to turn the ship, x to accelerate, and z to shoot. Pressing p will pause the game, f toggles fullscreen mode, and m mutes and unmutes the audio. There’s also a right-click menu if you forget anything.


I’m not going to explain how to play Asteroids. I will mention that the wireframe octahedra that sometimes drift across the screen are powerups. To collect the powerups, run over them; or you can shoot them for bonus points if you don’t want the benefit of the powerup. You’ll have to play the game to figure out the different powerup types.

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