May 26, 2018

OpenGL 3D FPS (first person shooter) game

Cube is a 3D First Person Shooter that uses OpenGL and SDL. It features

  • Single- and multi-player gameplay
  • In-engine editing of geometry in full 3D you fly around the map, point and drag stuff to select or modify it, which can even be done with multiple people at once
  • Simplistic, but effective fine grain vertex lighting that looks like lightmapping and can do dynamic lights and shadows
  • No need for any kind of map precompilation, even lighting is done on fly
  • Very simplistic quad-tree world structure that can do slopes height- fields with caps and slants, water
  • Decent collision detection and physics
  • Client/server networking that goes a long way in giving a lag-free game experience
  • Doom/Quake-style singleplayer and multiplayer game with some uncompromising brutal old-school gameplay

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