May 26, 2018

Dungeon Master Java is a remake of the classic Dungeon Master by FTL

Dungeon Master Java is a remake of the classic FTL game Dungeon Master. It is written entirely in Java, and is designed to run as a stand-alone application rather than an applet in a web browser. It has high-resolution graphics that simulate a 3D environment. Most of the graphics are rendered in the free ray-tracer Pov-Ray. Item graphics and character portraits are done by hand with a paint program, though many are simply taken from the original and its sequels and touched-up.

Gameplay is very similar to the original, with real-time action, 90-degree turns, and step-by-step movement. One major change from the original is that monsters are not “stuck” in groups they are completely free to wander, sometimes occupying a square with other monsters and sometimes not.

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