May 26, 2018

Memory Array Redcode Simulator, just like exhaust and pMARS

exMARS combines the latest advance in corewar simulation technology, with proactive performance optimizations.

Actually exMARS is a redcode simulator, just like exhaust and pMARS. In fact, I have shamelessly taken sourcecode from pMARS, exhaust, some ideas from qMars, a shot of optimizations, shook everything well, and garnished everything with a high level interface for Ruby.

The resulting program has the following main features

  • Uses the parser from pMARS, so no previous parsing is necessary. At first this was my main motivation for exMARS.
  • Speed 50 faster than pmars on a Pentium III, and often more than twice as fast than pmars on a Pentium 4 using gcc 3.3.1, and the same compiler options.
  • Rewritten the code in a more object oriented way, which allows different Mars at the same time in the same program, it should also be thread save.
  • To get Ruby interface you can install games/ruby-exmars port.

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