May 26, 2018

Remake of an old SEGA Dreamcast game called Chu Chu Rocket

Ice Ice Penguin is a remake of an old SEGA Dreamcast game called Chu Chu Rocket.

Two to four players try to steer penguins from the safety of the central igloo to the player’s water hole. To do this, each player can place up to three of the five random direction arrows assigned to him on the gamefield. Arrows can be chosen using the control cursor in the lower part of the screen, and be placed on any free field using the field cursor and the action key. Each arrow will disappear after after a given time 15 seconds by default and a new arrow will automagically appear in the control field.

Bears eat penguins at least in this game. If a bear enter a player’s target area, the player loses up to 15 points the score can not become negative Special penguins, marked by a colored ring, score 10 points and launch a 10 second long special event. See below for a list of events.

The game ends when the ice on the right side of the screen has reached the bottom after 3 minutes by default

Winner is the player who gathered the most penguins.

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