May 26, 2018

Multi-player network action game for TCP/IP with 3D graphics

iMaze is a multi-player network action game for TCP/IP with 3D graphics under X11 XView, Motif or Athena. You run through a labyrinth and shoot everything that is round without being hit by other round anythings.

Of course anything round is one of the following

  • other players playing over the net
  • computer controlled ninjas
  • deadly shots except your own


  • sophisticated, reliable network protocol, works even with SLIP connections via modem; modular, portable source code
  • windows can be freely scaled to avoid speed drawbacks due to poor display performance
  • sound and joystick support
  • scores; camera mode; labyrinth generator and interactive labyrinth editor

Audio support is somewhat flaky on FreeBSD synchronization problems. It works better with the old Voxware driver than with the current pcm driver.

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