May 26, 2018

Jaymod - An Enemy Territory Modification

Jaymod is an add-on modification to RTCW Enemy Territory.

The idea for Jaymod came from the main features of Shrubmod. Shrubmod has long been out of date and unsupported, and with the instability issues that come with Shrubmod, something had to be done to get a Shrub-like server-side mod that would provide most of Shrub’s features, be stable, and be supported.

This mod has, obviously, outgrown the original objective of being server-side only. Some of the ideas I wanted to implement could not be done with server code only, so the decision was made to start working on the client end as well. I wanted this to be as easy as possible for end users, and now only one pak needs to be downloaded on the fly to be able to play this mod.

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