May 26, 2018

Modern tactical Enemy Territory modification

Based on the popular Quake3 modification, “True Combat”, TCE provides a realistic combat simulator set against the backdrop of modern urban warfare. The player can expect thrilling shootouts, an emphasis on tactical team play, engaging close quarter fighting and some of the best weapons of modern warfare. Being accessible to both veteran players and those new to the world of tactical simulators is only one of TCE’s many strengths. Map authors can customize weapon load outs, skins, objectives and even the voice chats for each of their maps.

Key features * A full game completely free for download * Mission-based online multiplayer game * Soft player class system assault, recon, sniper * Rounds with skill-based “Armament Availability System” * Voice Communication System designed in collaboration with real SWAT Members * Iron sight aiming system with ACOG and reflex sights * Still in development mission system - future versions will integrate various objectives into the game

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