May 26, 2018

Turn-based strategy game setting on Mars

Mars, Land of No Mercy is a turn-based strategy game setting on Mars during the early stages of human colonization.The player embodies the leader of a mercenary team, landed on Mars to take advantage of conqueror battles between the Worldwide Colonizer Corporations.

The main purpose is to command his team trying to find them commissions, training and leading them in battle, while still being aware of financial and instrumental resources by administering them.The Mech is the fundamental craft used by mercenaries, but they won’t lack of other kind of units, as well as troops.

The game most remarkable point is the incredible liberty given to the player and therefore the great strategic side that derives. It is indeed up to the player to decide how to behave towards the one who recruited him, and the enemies of turn.

Basically every action leads to a reaction, so it is strongly recommended to keep a good and consistent behavior to achieve confidence from Corporations, and avoid being excluded by them.

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